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Horikawa – Attacking Martian Medallion Version   Rare arm version !

Well, what is to tell about this robot. First this is the rare medallion version but you have probably noticed that.. than, the robot is accompanied by its rare Japanese Box.. also good to see in the pics but what you have probably not noticed is that this robot has different arms as well.. This robot has the arms of the BusyCart Robot !  Yes, the plastic arms but made in brown for this robot. So.. if you have a spare cart. you can attach it to this medallion robot 🙂

I found this robot many years ago and is still in my collection since. This variation was only made for the Japanese Market and looks so much cooler with the Japanese box and his busy arms 🙂

Made in Japan in the early sixties by SH Horikawa. Made out of tin with plastic arms. Battery operated and runs on 2 D-Cells. In action the robot walks forward ( with cart if you want 🙂 and from time to time he opens up his medallion decorated doors to reveil its shooting and lighted guns.

Make no mistake here, this is really a rare and never seen variation, all original and complete !!
The condition is excellent. the robot is all original and complete and works fine. There is some light play wear that you can expect from an old vintage toy but overall, the robot is really excellent, no flaws to mention.
Accompanied by its original box in excellent condition with inserts.

An absolute unique, rare and scarce robot, I only saw this variation ONCE !

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