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HK – Space Superman No. 106 C

Space Superman, along with its brothers A, B and D were made in Hong Kong in the early seventies. These plastic Made robots were made in a series of 4 that you can see displayed on one of the sidepanels of the box.  Number D is supposed to be the scarcest one because I never seen that one in real life before 🙂
I found many of these boxed in a warehouse in Brussels many years ago and kept them all for ONE good reason.. Not ONE of them was in working order.

The reason for this is simple.. the robots are plastic made and so are most of the robots gears. Now plastic gears should not be a bad thing but for these robots it was a problem because most of the gears that had to stand some force, ended up split open on the shaft. now this is something I see in more toys from the sixties but these hong kong robots have several problems with several gears so for that reason you will NEVER find one that is working properly.. until NOW 🙂

These robots also have a PRO and that is that they can be opened up very easily ( only 4 screws ) and I decided, because i have so many of these in all different variations, to come up with a solution for the broken plastic gears. It brought me to the drawing and testing table and it took me in fact several months before I had found a solution for the in total 5 problems these robots have. I made 3D printed new gears for the robot to solve all the problems.
because the size and fit has to be exact it took me quite some testing before I had all gears perfect but.. i managed…

So. from this day on you will see here only working HK robots and.. i can tell you. that makes them WAY cooler ! 🙂

This example is near mint to mint and works perfectly with walking, rotating, opening doors, shooting guns and lights. Rare and Scarce robot that is seldom seen in them market with its original box and… UNIQUE in fully working order ! 🙂

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