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Daiya – Doctor Moon

I am not sure what the Japanese designers where thinking when they created this robot. Maybe they thought it would have been a good idea to have a doctor around for the injured robots that came back from their fight in outer space… I guess we will never find out 🙂
One thing is for sure.. not many doctors survived time and therefore are very hard to find these days…

This robot is called MOON DOCTOR and is a so called ” paddle walking” robot. powered by a clockwork mechanism to let the robot hoover around the ” operation room ” smoothly 🙂
Made out of fantastic lithographed tin showing the robots internal mechanism. Of course the Doctor needs his glasses to see everything clear so the japanese designers provided him with some nice glasses as well 🙂

The condition of this Moon Doctor is near mint with an excellent rare and original box. The robot is complete, all original and has never been messed with before. Works fine and strong and has his original windup key, arms and glasses as well, really a miracle they survived all those years.

The robot is in awesome condition, no upgrade ever needed on this example AND… it comes with its original box !! seldom seen with this rare and scarce robot.  Really a fantastic combination.

Very rare and scarce robot in this condition with original box !!

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