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ATC Asahi Toy – Flying Jeep

I really can not remember that i ever had this toy in my collection before. I know there are some different variations in dark blue and red and I believe i had the red one, many years ago, but.. i can not remember it anymore… getting old hahahah

This one i found in the neighborhood.. about 25 km from where i live on a local auction marketplace.  No idea where the guy got it from but it was still on its way to him when i bought it 😉
It arrived today and all it needed was a cloth to clean it a bit… A fantastic space toy in wonderful condition.
Besides some light play wear there are no flaws to mention. Bright colors, works fine, no damage or whatever.. absolute stunning condition.
I would rate the toy excellent +

Made in Japan by ATC ( Ahasi Toy ) in the mid sixties. Flying Jeep.
Hard to find in any condition.

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