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Yoshiya – Space Patrol – 7

When i Moved to the new dutch caves ( my workshop 🙂 in february of 2021 i had to clean out the complete old caves. i had to pack and repack everything again and I found this space patrol 7 that i bought i think 8 years ago.. dont remember from whom i bought it but i thought it flew out long time ago….

It had been sitting in a box for years stored away .. a total shame because look at this one.. what a fantastic piece of space toy history !
exceedingly rare and scarce boxed Space Patrol 7… I bet you have never seen this one before… at least not in real  🙂

Made out of tin but much smaller than the battery operated saucers KO made over the years
This one has in fact the same looks as the New Flying Saucer Ko made as battery operated toy

This one has a friction motor with sparks.. in action the saucer goes… forward… how cool is that ! 🙂
Yoshiya Space Patrol 7 was made in Japan by KO ( Yoshiya ) in the mid sixties. I can be short about the condition of this saucer..Near mint flawless toy in ditto original box

Guaranteed no upgrade possible on this one.. If.. you will ever see it again.

Extreme rare and scarce saucer with original box.. seldom seen in the market..

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