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Yoshiya – Orbit Explorer with Airborne Satellite

The name of this toy is even longer and as far as I remember this toy just has the longest name in the scene. are you ready, here we go:

Orbit Explorer with airborne satellite, rotating TV tower, floating ball action and mechanical toy.

WOW ! ūüôā !!
There is something special about this toy.. its clockwork powered but also able to blow a little ball into the air. where all the other ball blowing toys needs at least 2 D-cells, this one does the same job with a clockwork mechanism. This Orbit explorer was made in the late fifties by KO Yoshiya and is a much looked for space toy. Its made out of lithographed tin, nice details, blowing action, an astronaut behind the camera, yes this is really a very nice space toy which much have brought a lot of fun to play with.

The condition of this orbit explorer is excellent to near mint. In perfect working order and complete with 2 original foam balls as well. The clockwork mechanism works fine and strong. The toy is accompanied by its original box as well in excellent condition. Have a look at the great artwork on the box.

A scarce space toy in this condition, not many survived in this condition with original box.

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