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Yoshiya KO – Mystery Moon Man.

This impressive rare and scarce robot was part of a small collection of vintage robots that I recently bought.  All were very nice high end robots and this Mystery Moon Man was part of that collection.
Surprisingly because these are seldom seen. I believe this is the second one that I have in hand in a period of more than 12 years…
Made by KO Yoshiya in Japan in the early sixties.  Three variations are known.. Chief Robotmand ( in grey )  Radical Robot ( in blue ) and Mystery Moon Man ( this one, in white )

Where Chief Robotman is relative common, Mystery Moon Man is the hardest to find in this series. Looks like not that many were ever made in this color, resulting in the rarest these days.

The robot is made out of tin and battery operated. ( 2 D-Cell Batteries ) and comes with fantastic actions. In action the robot hoovers around with mystery bump and go action with a double sequence in the head action. first it looks from left to right one time, than goes on and does it again but than 3 times, all with robot sound and flashing light on top of the robots head.

I can be short about the robots condition: Near Mint and only some very very light playwear is keeping this robot from higher grading. Looks hardly been played with, is all original and complete and works like a charm ! NO upgrade needed on this one !

Rare and Scarce Robot, Very hard to find in any condition.

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