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Linemar Toys – Smoking Space Man

Of course, everybody knows these great robots. They are made in the fifties, sixties, seventies and even in the early eighties..nineties.. and even now these robots are still produced and why.. because when you think of a robot then you see THIS robot, pretty simple.

When I installed my new windows version I could choose a username password and an icon and guess who popped up… Yep, this robot so lets face its, its one of the best robots ever made..

Smoking Robots were made by both. Yonezawa and Limenar and were basicly made in 3 color variations… blue, green and grey. The robot is tinmade and battery operated with fantastic actions, walking, swinging arms, lighted eyes, spinning dome on top of his head and.. smoking action !

I found the robot in the United States in an auction sale last year in 2019. Could simply not resist to buy it.. Love this box.. !

The condition of this smoking robot is excellent and in perfect working condition with smoking action, lights… all is working fine.  Only flaws to mentions is minor corrostion spots in the battery compartment.. its really nothing but.. i have to mention it. And there is a tab missing from the dome on top of the robot. Dome seems to be glued at the front.

The robot is Accompanied by its original Linemar Box + original insert ! The box is kinda rough and missing a few sections but overall still a very nice box !.  what a fantastic piece of child toy this is !!!

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