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Yonezawa – Smoking Robot

Of course, everybody knows these great robots. They are made in the fifties, sixties, seventies and even in the early eighties..nineties.. and even now these robots are still produced and why.. because when you think of a robot then you see THIS robot, pretty simple.

When I installed my new windows version I could choose a username password and an icon and guess who popped up… Yep, this robot so lets face its, its one of the best robots ever made..

Smoking Robots were made by both  Yonezawa and Limenar and were made in 3 color variations… blue, green and grey. Also there are many “variations in the marking of the robot.. from lithoed Y at the back to simply stamped “made in Japan” under one of the feet. Of course you can always recognize an original one by the inside of the battery compartment.

In action the robot walks with swinging arms and rotating / lighted “brain”. Suddenly it stops and starts to smoke with lighted eyes. Than he repeats his walking action again.

The condition of this smoking robot is near mint and in perfect working condition with smoking action, lights… all is working fine. This is absolute one of the better smokers i had in years. Robot looks like it has been barely played with.. guess it spent most of its life in the box…
My Italian connections never let me down and they delivered the box with a fantastic original scarce box !! absolute the best box that was made for Smoking Robot.
Even better is the fact that the box comes with the original insert. !

An absolute rare and scarce combination in this wonderful condition.

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