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Yonezawa – Moon Detector

Build by Yonezawa Japan in 1964, this is the cost reduced follow up for the walking Moon Explorer M-27 (1963) The legs have been removed and have been replaced for a stronger and reliable system with rubber tracks. The body, domes, engine and antenna are exactly the same as with the 1963 moon explorer, but the litho and the actions are different.

Yonezawa`s Moon Detector moves along the floor with the rubber tracks, the detectors wiggle and snuffle while they are illuminated. There is a switch on top with forward and back control, the rotating and illuminated engine produces a wonderful light show and the antenna is rotating. A very attractive space toy that is less fragile than its forerunner.

A scarce spacetoy that is much harder to find than the white Moon Explorer by the way. The condition of the toy is near mint and I really doubt if this one has been played with a lot. Besides a scratch on top of the toy there are no flaws to mention. All original and complete and in near mint and perfect working condition. Both detectors light up as well and the springs are undamaged.  This toy really looks it has been in its box for most of the time and was not much been played with at all.
works fine and strong with all the actions and lights, no flaws to mention on this one.  Accompanied by its original box in excellent condition.

A very hard to find combination that seldom shows up in the market.

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