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SAN ( Marusan ) – Robot Boat No.7

What the hell on earth were they thinking over there in Japan in the fifties… a boat driven by a robot on a desolate planet far far away ( yes you can see that the water on the box is absolute NOT from this planet !

I am sure about ONE thing and that is I would have LOVED it as a kid and I would have made many changes to the boat when I was a kid also.. I would have motorised it with a separate motor with batteries and things like that… in short.. the toy would NOT have survived in my younger years..

This one i found with only one fin at the back. The seller contacted me directly.. he found the toy cleaning out a house and he was aware that the missing part was a problem. Further the toy was very very dirty but I had seen in the pics already that underneath the dirt a fantastic kept litho was hidden.

Cleaning the toy was pretty easy…. the fin however took some more time and i decided to make it 3D printed in all the color parts needed. total of 15 parts in 4 different colors were needed. My son helped me out here, he did the 3D drawing on this one. with high resolution 3D printing you can make really small parts very precise and that was exactly what was needed here to glue them all together.

The result is even better than I had hoped for. 2 new perfect fins to complete the toy again.
The overall condition is excellent and the crank mechanism works fine and strong ! Made by SAN ( Marusan ) in Japan in the early sixties…
Rare and scarce space toy that is seldom seen in the market..


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