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Nomura (TN) – Space Man

This tin made astronaut was made in Japan by Nomura (TN) in the late fifties. made out of lithographed tin with walking and lighted action.

The astronaut or space man, is powered by a corded remote control that takes 2 D-Cell batteries. In action the space man walks forward with light in his helmet, a lighted flashlight and his arms move up and down.

The condition is very good to excellent. This robot and box is a perfect example of a well played with toy that is still fully functional, original and in normal gently played with condition. For me this is exactly how a vintage tin toy robot should look like.. it tells a story !, very cool.
Comes with original box that also shows some wear and tears. bottom of the box is not original.

Very hard to find in complete and good working condition. ( the gun tip is often missing or replaced ) This example is 100 % original, complete and works like a charm.

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