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Nomura – Moon Car

Is it just me or am i missing here something…… It took me some time to realize I had again a rare toy in hand, a variation of Nomura`s Moon Car… Space Division No.3 but this time the astronaut is missing….huh ! ? 🙂

Nomura`s Moon Car was made in the early sixties in Japan. Made out of tin, battery operated ( 2 D-Cells ) with a lighted and rotating dome and mystery bump and go action. It was in fact a friend of mine who pointed me on the missing astronaut. Than we started to examine the moon car and discovered some other things that are different on this one…
First, the astronaut is missing, simply because it was never there… no holes to fit it on.. but there is more, the litho on the instrument panel is different, the inside of the battery box ( white instead of blank tin ) and at the back.. there are 2 chrome bumpers at both edges…

Also the colors are different at some points… these toys keep amazing me and where i was convinced there were only 3 variations of this sled… well here is a fourth one 🙂

I can be short about the condition of this Moon Car: Near mint and I think the toy was never been played with before. The inner part of the dome was loose and I had to repair it ( The bottom plate was loose so I had to attach it again to the tabs ) I think this was the reason the toy was never been played with as i could not find any signs of playwear.

The toy is near mint, no flaws to mention and it works perfectly and strong, the some rotates and lights up, works perfectly and the toy moves around with mystery bump and go action. clean battery compartment. Only thing to mention is a little crack in the dome. I pictured it but its even hard to see in the picture.

The toy is accompanied by its original box in excellent to near mint condition. no other wear than some shelf wear and some wear to the edges / corners… no repairs or tears.

If you are looking for the best and the most rare variations… Than you will not be disappointed by this Moon Car…. what a beauty !
Very hard to find in this working condition with original box.

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