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Modern Toys – Rocket Car X

Rocket Car X  or Space Rocket car is a very rare toy in many ways. First of all the toy bears 2 markings, one is from Modern Toys but I can not remember I saw the other mark but it looks that the car was made by or for Modern Toys according with another company. It was build in the late 1950`s in Japan, thats for sure 🙂

Modern Toys Rocket Car X is friction powered with a sort of non fall mechanism. Detail is that one wheel is covered with rubber, the other is not. I have seen this on more toys, its made this way and its needed to do the actions of this Rocket Car. The condition is excellent and the Rocket Car shows light playwear, no dings or scratches, never messed with before but what makes this care VERY special is that it comes with its original box. I searched ALL the databases, books, old auctions and found 1 time this car back but never saw the picture of its box. The condition of the box is excellent to near mint, really a perfect example !

Very rare space car with a VERY VERY rare box, never saw this toy complete before until now ;)!!! It comes from a former Belgian Collector who passed away last year. the toy spent over 25 years in a closed along with TONS of other antiques. Very rare and scarce space toy. this will probably your ONLY shot to get this one complete !

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