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Marx Toys – Frankenstein Robot

Of COURSe, we all know this robot better as Mr. Mercury but.. the Japanese were smart and used the same base to create other toys and this Frankenstein robot is a perfect example of that.
Made out of very nice lithographed tin with a very detailed head of Frankenstein.  The actions are the same, bending, walking, grabbing and lifting.  I located this example in the USA and the robot was almost a 5 months on its way to me, I have NO idea what he did during his travel but I guess he had to meet some old friends for some ” Human parts”  ! 🙂

The condition is absolute excellent to near mint. All original and complete robot. Works like a charm but… yes, of course the bending mechanisn has a broken shaft as most of these toys have. The part is available and you can even replace it without taking the robot apart but I will leave that to do for the new owner as I for myself do not care that much if he bends or not 🙂

Scarce and very hard to find, does seldom show up in the open.
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