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Hong Kong – See Thru Robot

I found this robot in an old warehouse in Brussels some time ago. It was stored there for many years and I had it in hands before but hey.. its all about making choices 🙂 This time I could not leave the robot behind and brought it back to my own caves ! 🙂

Its really not to believe these robots even survived in any condition ! If you want to see a fragile robot then here it is !. Totally made out of plastic in a fragile box… can you have more reasons to break into pieces in a time period of over 50 years !! 🙂

Its a miracle but this robot has hardly been played with,  complete, working fine and has not a single crack or whatever ! Its covered with dust from being stored in a big warehouse for many many years but the robot looks like it has not much been played with. These robots were made in the late sixties and early seventies but I even think they showed up already in the mid sixties. Highly collectible robots, hard to find in one piece and extremely hard to find with original box ( look at the artwork at the back of the box, WOW !! )

The box is very good to excellent. only thing to mention is the paper loss on the top cover.. the rest of the box is more than acceptable !

Hard to find in any condition, complete with original box.

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