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Wowwee – Femisapien Prototype

Wowwee was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this beautiful lady for the first time… a robot with breasts and really a nice butt 🙂

Of course, my focus is on vintage robots and space toys but this lady took my attention because of her colors. I have tried to find a femisapien before but they are hard to find, mint in box and demand pretty high prices, not that much were produced.  what i DID knew is that Femisapien ONLY was made in white / purple color and that was exactly the reason this lade got my FULL attention 🙂

I contacted the seller for some explanation:  This Lady in Red was used at the CES 2008 and was one of the 3 prototypes used in the show there by Mark Tilden. This robot is one of the 3 Femisapiens used at the CES 2008.

The seller got the robot personally from Mark Tilden after the show was over. The robot was finally taken into production but only in purple. There are also some miniature femies that have also the red color but they are smaller and figures, non working ones.
This Femisapien Prototype is a full version, the one used at the CES in 2008.

Unfortunately this example is not fully working anymore and she had quite a rough life at the CES. she partly works and is missing one of here battery covers underneath one of her feet.  To be honest.. who cares… she is cute, special and one of a kind and although its a new robot, not even 10 years old… she is quite rare and scarce for sure…

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You can see here in action at the CES 2008 of course, click HERE