Project omschrijving

Osaka Tin Toy Institute – Santa Claus Handpainted Prototype.

Well, not really a robot as you would expect on a website called but if you imagine that santa is also coming from outer space, it makes things a lot better to fit this one in 🙂

Mr. Shinji Miyazawa, who passed away about 2 years ago, was responsible for this handpainted prototype of Santa Claus / Father Christmas.

If you want to know all the ins and outs of Mr Miyazawa than plz read the story of Changeman, you can find it on this website.

This unique and one of a kind handpainted prototype was probably made in the early nineties.. It shares its body with Tetsujin and that format was later also used to create the final santa claus and a clown as well.

What makes this hand painted prototype so special is that the final product differs a LOT from the prototype…. Not much can be found back in the final product.  In the last picture i show the litho of the final production run, compare it with the much much better hand painted prototype ! 😉

The condition of this prototype is really perfect. the toy survived all the years, is in working order as well and is powered by a clockwork mechanism.  the special box belongs to this prototype and there is even a handmade insert in the box.

This toy shows again the skills of Mr Shinji Miyazawa, it shows the hours, days and weeks of time that was put into these toys to make them perfect in any way.

This hand painted prototype is ONE of a kind, NOT a second example does exist.  Its an unique piece of robot history, absolutely rare and scarce !

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