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Modern Toys – Space Car SX – 10

This cool car with a vinylhead driver is a rare find. Build in the late 1960`s in Japan by Modern Toys. What this car makes unique is that it features a combination from 2 actions: Non Fall AND Non Stop mystery action. All the toys we are familiar with only have one of these actions, but this car has them both, absolutely unique and as far as I know this is the only spacetoy I have bumped into that combines these 2 actions.

In action this car moves around with nonfall and mystery action, flashing lights and the astronaut is looking around, VERY handy in outer space because bumping on a rock is not far away 🙂 Made out of lithographed Tin and battery operated. runs on 2 C-Cells.

The condition of this space car is excellent to near mint and I doubt if this car was much played with. Some minor scratches is all to mention. The car works strong with all the actions, no flaws to mention on this example.
Accompanied by its original box in near mint condition, fantastic box

Scarce toy in this condition. no upgrade needed on this one.

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