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Modern Toys – Satellite X-11 Flying Saucer.

I bought this saucer about 2 years ago in Hawaii ūüôā Yeps.. I know, not a common place to find these toys but it really came from that awesome island. I even bought it from the first owner there ūüôā He had the toy as a child and could not part with it until he found out the toys value, he needed the money and decided to sell it…( I guess he has enough money now to buy some serious cocktails over there ūüôā

I always have had a special feeling about flying saucers because thats where it all started for me when i was a kid myself. Therefore I did start my collection with flying saucers and I wanted to have them all. I focused only on battery operated flying saucers from the beginning and found out that most of them were pretty easy to find, a lot harder to find in mint condition and some were just unable to find and I always questioned about some saucers if they really were produced in real……

This Sattelite X-11 Flying Saucer, produced by Modern Toys ( Masudaya ) in the mid 1960`s is a perfect example of a battery operated flying saucer that is missing in EVERY collection !!. I only found a few photos during the past years on the internet, never was able to find even a picture of the original box. I have a pretty big book about modern toys ( Masudaya ) with all the toys they produced during the past 50 years and more. All the battery operated flying saucers are described in this book except !! SATELLITE РX11.  this proves that this is absolute one of the most scarce toys Masudaya ever produced. Finding one of the Gang of Five members is easier than finding this flying saucer.

I was very very happy to finally¬†find my “holy grale” the Modern Toys Satellite – X11 Flying saucer in excellent, original and working condition. Although there is no box for this saucer its one of the most rare and scarce toys that is in my collection these days.¬†Modern Toys Satellite X-11 is produced (¬†I guess because there is no¬†info about this¬†saucer )¬†in the mid¬†1960`s The base, the technique, battery compartment is totally different then¬†I¬†have seen on all the other Modern Toys flying saucers.
The saucer¬†has a VERY big clear dome which¬†houses¬†2 astronauts in control with blinking lights,¬†the saucer¬†comes with the standerd bump&go action but there is¬†more !¬† In the black “tv¬†screen” behind the 2 astronauts is something weird going on…. a¬†third astronaut that floats in its black screen. When the saucer moves around the floor with mystery bump&go the third astronaut floats as if he is¬†in outer space, it just looks like magic ! Think about the fact¬†that this toy ( is it still a toy ?, yes ūüôā¬† is over 50 years old.

The condition of this Satellite X-11 flying saucer is excellent. It is in played with condition and shows normal playwear on the tin litho as shown in the pictures. The dome is original and undamaged, no cracks and shows also normal wear.

The battery compartment is clean and free of rust and corrosion. There is some writing on the bottom of the saucer which I left as it was. Can be cleaned away pretty easily, ( done with permanent marker ) The saucer works fine and strong with mystery bump and go action, flashing lights, saucer sound and floating astronaut.

Extremely rare and scarce spacetoy. !

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