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Ichiko Seal – Super Radar Tracktor.

Ichiko did not made so many robots and space toys and this one was made under the Seal Logo.. Not sure exactly how that all took place as there are more variations of this toy ( in blue, the “common” one )

I found this one in Italy back in 2017 where it was part of a big collection robots and space toys. it came with the robot but was missing the antenna so i made one to complete the toy again..

Made in Japan in the early sixties.. maybe mid sixties.. not sure about the year of production. In action this tin lithographed tracktor moves around with mystery bump and go action, revolving antenna and revolving engine..

The condition is all original and complete ( except the antenna of course ! 🙂 and in working order. Excellent condition, clean battery compartment and original robot in the driver seat.. only that is a miracle because the robot is a loose part that could be lost easily…. Thank god its still there !

Can not remember i ever saw this toy before in my collecting years.. neither in auction. Scarce Space Toy for sure !

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