Project omschrijving

Yoshiya (KO) – Jupiter Robot.

I believe this is the very first time this robot crossed my path. Made in 1966 and bought on the 20th of December 1966 ( its written on the inside of the box by the first ower 🙂 !

Made in Japan by KO Yoshiya.  This robot was made later in a more known red variation but than with a clockwork motor.  This blue Jupiter Robot is battery operated and much more scarce and rare than the red common one.

The robot is made of plastic with a remote that takes 2 D-Cell batteries. Inside the body of the robot are 2 gears spinning in action and the head lights up when pressing the remotes button. of cours with walking action of the robot 🙂

I can be short about the robots condition: Near mint to mint robot in a near mint box. Complete and all original and the robot works like new. I really doubt if this one has ever been played with before.

With original wire, box and remote control, no flaws to mention on this one !

Very hard to find robot in any condition, seldom seen in the market !
Rare and scarce.

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