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Yonezawa – Smoking Robot Original Box ( 80`s )

Well, where to start with this story…. Lets give it a try….
In the early fifties Marumiya Company in Japan produced robots and space toys for Horikawa, Yonezawa, Nomura, Daiya and many other companies. The founder of Marumiya, Mr Miyazawa created Smoking Robot..  Later the company was renamed to Miyazawa company but we all know this company better as Metal House these days… Not much is left from this coorporation but they still exist and still produce very nice robots.

Back tot the fifties… Mr. Miyazawa created Smoking Robot for Yonezawa and later Linemar.  Smoking Robot is THE robot icon and I think not a robot was and still is more popular than this robot. Many were sold in 3 color variations, grey, blue and green.

Later in the eighties Miyazawa company ( Metal House ) did a second run of these robots, all made exactly the same way as they were made in the fifties. Same molds, parts and techniques were used. These robots were produced in very small numbers and were not marked.. A few surfaced some years ago in brown but not much were made.  These smoking robots from the eighties came with the same artwork box as Miyazawa used for the smoking robots from the fifties.

A couple of years ago, the son of the founder of Marumiya / Miyazawa, named Shinji Miyazawa, passed away and he left a real treasure of samples. prototypes, drawings and original parts behind.
Among these parts were about 150 original new and unused boxes for Smoking Robot. These were made in the eighties for the reissue of smoking robot. These boxes are original smoking robot boxes and at least 35 years old. They were made to go with the reissue of Yonezawa`s Smoking Robot in the early eighties.

So these are NO reproduction boxes but original boxes for Yonezawa`s Smoking Robot from the eighties !
The boxes are 35 years old and these are the original ones. Only thing you have to do is bend them and glue them together and you will have a MINT original box toplid that can go with your smoking robot. Even the seams of the box are pre folded so the box with also have the original bend seams when you put it together. Only thing you have to make yourself is the bottom for the box.

This is really an unique change to complete your original smoking robot with an original mint box !

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