Project omschrijving

VST – Tigermask Black Edition Prototype.

This unique and one of a kind robot was made here by me in the Dutch Caves in 2018. The robot is a real prototype and is supposed to be used to make these robots in a small production run of max 10 limited examples.  I will do so if I have the time.
In the meantime I have gathered enough info and data to make 10 of these so I will put up this handpainted prototype for sale here on my website.

Made in 2018. tin windup robot with hand painted detail, the japanese characters are 3D printed and then gold painted.  The robot is airbrushed in black metallic color. The boys head is hand painted as well.

The box is a try out laser print that I made to complete the prototype robot. Unique and one of a kind.
Tigermask Black Edition Prototype !

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