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VST- Television Buzz Lightyear II ( VST 1016 )

About a year ago, I created VST 1006: Television Buzz Lightyear. This robot was a fusion of Buzz Lightyear and an Alps Television Spaceman. This robot turned out to be a success, it all matched and buzz seems to fit perfectly into a fifties robot body. Technically this robot was difficult. To build in modern electronica into a mechanical technical robot was not the easiest thing to do. Not much space inside the robot and the amount of wires was insane.

This robot was one of the most difficult technical robots i build so far. The robot was sold the same day it hit my website and i decided to take buzz again to the drawing table. I learned a lot from the first project and wanted to use this knowledge into a new creation.

Let me in short explain some about Buzz Lightyear. This awesome robot was build in many variations, different colors and shapes. As with the vintage robots from the fifties, Buzz also comes with common AND with RARE versions. I collect them for several years now and the “Holy Grail” in Buzz Collecting is: Buzz Lightyear NIGHT CONTROL. This buzz was made in the period of Toy Story 2.
Buzz Lightyear Night Control is the rarest Buzz ever build. Only a few of these are known to exist, extremely hard to find and expensive robots already. IF you can find one, these start up at 500+ USD.

Over the years I only was able to find 2 of these, one mint in box and a loose played with example. Not only these Buzz Lightyears look great, the actions and technique used into this robot is out of this world. This Buzz Lightyear Night Control is high quality build and has so many features and functions it will take a day to learn and see them all. Where the “common and regular” buzz lightyear comes with 3 buttons for talking and a laser, this Buzz Night Control comes with more than 10 buttons, switches and even a real gyro to make him fly.

Buzz Lightyear Night Control is the most advanced Buzz ever build, the best looking and the most scarce one as well and i understand why…Its the technique that made this robot special and expensive… I guess it was just to expensive those days resulting in low selling volumes. A special robot like the Alps Television Spaceman just needs a special Buzz Lightyear to transform so I decided to use a perfectly working Buzz Lightyear Night Control to create the second Television Buzz Lightyear… Number 2 ! 🙂

The “heart” of Buzz is a an advanced and complex micro processor that has switches to control: Talking, Flying, Vizor, Leg, Wings, Gyro, Laser, Communication, and 3 different sequences along with the original voice ( Tim Allen ) To build these functions into an Alps Television Spaceman would be impossible… or not 🙂 I had to use different wires and special connectors to fit everything into the little space that this robot has.

Television Buzz Lightyear II comes with the following features, take a seat……

– Walking action
– Swinging arms
– Space Movie in his chest with Light
– Lighted Buzz Head.
– Movable Buzz Head
– Antenna Switch for Vizor action
– Movable Vizor.
– Laserlight and Switch Left arm
– Switch in right arm for communication
– Green switch for Night Flight Action
– Green switch for wing control
– red switch chest for standard mode
– blue switch chest for flying mode
– green switch for combination mode.
– 6 green led lights for flight modes
these lights light up in direction of flight, left, right, standing and
– Talking action in several modes, over 75 phrases.
– Combination of “vintage” action and Buzz Lightyear action.
– Removalbe batterypack ( 3 penlite batteries, 4.5 volts )
– Gyro module ( located above the wings ) for real flight action.
– Switch for “normal” robot action
– Switch to power Buzz actions seperatly.

Here is a little movie of the robot in action:

Television Buzz Lightyear is finished with the famous Buzz purple and green colors. The wings can be taken off by 3 screws to replace the batteries. All functions are perfectly working, the robot works fine and strong, walks perfectly as well.

In action the robot walks with the normal functions and the systems are separated by 2 main switches, one for normal action and one for buzz action. Both systems can be switched on to combine these actions. To activate the Flight Mode you have to lift up the robot and fly it manually through. the robot reacts on the movements you make by talking and light taction/directions.

This unique robot is will be build in a series of 4 robots limited edition. 3 Night Control versions and one Flight Control version.
Besides the normal pictures I have added a few pictures of the robots internal mechanism to give you an idea of the robots internals.

Absolute unique robot, build in a limited series of 4 !

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