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VST – Giant Kaleidoscope Man.

I believe I made this robot back in 2014. I had some parts of original gangmembers lying in a box for some time and decided to make a new creation out of it.  the only thing that kept me from doing that was that I did not know what to use as a head.

When I found a totally rusted answer game machine in a collection from Italy, the choice was made and I decided to go with that head.

I figured out some time before already how the robot should work and look like. I made some drawings in 2011 using the mechanism of a flying saucer that i always liked ( X-80 ). The kaleidoscope action is fantastic and I used that and build the mechanism inside the robot. also the head has the same action under the white dome.

The robots part had to be sanded back to the bare metal to make sure the paintjob would be perfect as I wanted to make this a high end finished robot.

The robots paint is build up out of 7 airbrushed layers. basic paint, several white layers and 2 layers of clear paint to finish it.  Took my hours to do this with airbrush but the result is stunning.

Because all the parts were sanded back to bare metal, i choose to leave some of those parts in bare metal. only finished them with clear paint.
Robots body is a mix of sevaral gangmembers, lavender, target and train with the finish of the answer game head. and the gun of a nomura space patrol car, the mechanism in the head from a TPS moonship, the kaleidoscope from modern toys X-80 saucer and so on 🙂

In action this robots hoovers around with mystery bump and go action, kaleidoscope action in the chest and top of the head, the eyes and mouth light up and the guntip light up as well.

The robot runs on 3 D-Cell batteries that go in the back of the body. The battery compartment at the bottom is not in use.

I was MORE than happy with the result, not only its a never seen combination, all the things I planned worked fine and as I never use modern technology like servos or leds, its a hell of a job to get it all working on 3 C-Cells.  There are 3 motors build inside by the way, one to drive the robot, second to drive the chest and one to drive the kaleidoscope in the head..Its a miracle it all can run on 4.5 volts 🙂

Giant Kaleidoscope Man is a one of kind creation, made by VST ( me 🙂 in the Netherlands. Its the only known robot in this configuration, unique and one of a kind.  Build up out of ONLY original vintage robot parts and using only classic mechanisms and techniques, just like the robots in the golden age..

On youtube there is a short video of the robot in action: CLICK HERE

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