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VST – Complete gun assembly 3D Printed for ATC Space Patrol Cars

this is one of my absolute favorite space toys it`s always a pity to see these toys without the Gun Assembly that is often missing for whatever reason.
I decided to draw the complete Gun assembly in 3D cad and printed the parts in high resolution on my 3D printers. This Complete Gun Assembly is an accurate copy of the original.
The original gun was made of tin. This 3D DIY Gun assembly is made out of high precision 3D printed plastic parts and is an exact copy of the original Gun assembly.

This is a complete 3D Printed Gun Assembly for your ATC – Space Patrol Robot Car.  The assembly is 3D Printed in High Resolution. and will fit several variations of this car. Not only it does fit on this example but also on a red and white variation, that all used the same blue gun assembly.

The Gun comes as a DIY ( Do It Yourself ) Kit.  This way it can be sent without additional shipping costs so shipping is FREE ! 🙂
Building and installing this Gun Assembly will take aprox. 10 minutes.  You can use the pictures as reference and contact me if you need any help building and installing this Gun.
The Gun has been build up already and is handpainted. also the parts are already put in place so the only thing you have to do is attach the bullet to the internal mechanism and glue the gun in place.

To install this gun:       step 1:  attach the “bullet” to the internal rod of the car and secure it. You dont need to open up the car for this.
step 2:  Test by turning the front wheels if the “bullet” goes forward and back. If not , you have to check the internal mechanism first.
step 3:  Slide the gun over the “bullet”, keep it in place and test by turning the frontwheels if the “bullet” moves forward and back in the gun.
step 4:  Glue the gun in place using the glue provided.
step 5:  You are done now….
step 6:  Enjoy your completed toy 🙂

Pictured is the DIY kit and an example of the finished Gun Assembly. In the pictures you also see the gun placed on an ATC – Robot Car. This toy is NOT part of the auction and only used
for reference !      You will receive ONE complete Gun Assembly as a DIY kit as shown in the pictures. Complete assembled and handpainted.
Please refer to the pictures as they are part of the description.

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