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VST – Changeman Box Only

I dont know what makes me the most proud here but one thing is for sure…ChangeMan FINALLY has the box the robot deserves ! So get rith of the ugly plain white box and enrich your Changeman with a stunning box that tells the story and the mystery about this fantastic robot !

All the info about changeman can be found here on my website so let’s focus on the box:  Boxes made in the fifties and sixties many times show a fantastic artwork, mostly this was a painting specially made for that particular robot and later text was added during the printing process.

The robots and space toys always looked much better on the box than the actual toy…Example:  Cragstan – Astronaut or Taiyo – wheel a gear to name a few.. … the artwork is showing a totally overdone robot… pieces of real art.

I wanted the same for ChangeMan. I came into contact with Nop Mercx. An artist who lives close to my workshop and we started to think about this project.   I wanted to have changeman totally overdone on the box… in transforming state.. from dino to human or vice versa… Dino claws, arms and as always.. looking much more spectacular on the box than the toy itself…

Changeman is coming out the Marumiya Factory ( on the right ). Here is where the parts were kept and discovered again by Kitahara…… I am proud by the way that Kitahara was very interested in this box and wanted one to complete his changeman.. It can be seen in his museum and I can not think of a bigger compliment for this box and artwork !

Back to the box now… on the right the Marumiya factory… where the changeman march out… parts are still lying around on the surface.. a foot, an arm and a mechanism….From above a flying saucer is shining its light over the factory. The saucer represents Shinji who is watching over Changeman… All made on a planet… far far away.

The box is stricktly Limited to 50 examples. The boxes are professionally made in a pressing room.. So NO cheap laser copies or glued paper on cartonnage….. This is a HIGH END box made by the standerds the boxes were made in Japan in the golden age… Professionally made like the boxes in the fifties and the sixties…

The box will be numbered and manually signed on the inside. If you want a box to complete your changeman than email me for more information.   The box will be sent FLAT so you have to build it yourself or not… this allows you to frame it as well..

Limited to 50 boxes !!

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