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Taiwan – AS-502 Lightning Robot

I think it has been 3 or 4 years now that 2 big boxes are filling up the Dutch Caves here… 2 boxes with each 24 of these robots, minty, new in original box.
Now I was able to sell some over the years but still I my best guess is i have still 30 of these left 🙂

I bought them from an ebayer some years ago, who offered them at ebay. I bought one and than he told me he bought 2 boxes of them when the robot was released and he kept them ever since… now he thought it was time to sell them. I bought them all because I really like these type of robots and you simply never see them around in this condition..

I forgot totally about them, put other boxes in the boxes and simply forgot about them until last summer i saw one in a shop in Italy ( in bad condition ) but it remembered me that I had those new mint in box in my workshop ( the dutch caves )

These Lightning robots are filled with action, sound and light and are stunning examples of toymaking for sure. Made out of plastic with mystery bump and go action, lights, sound moving parts etc etc, very cool robot to see in action. They run on 2 C-cells by the way 🙂
All robots are mint unplayed with in original box with inserts, all tested before shipping them out. You can not get a better example that these old stock ones 🙂

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