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RI Exotics – Robotel deluxe

This robot was made in a time where i was the first in this robot scene to produce a 3D printed Robot. I have to look back at the date but i believe i made Giant Robot from Tomy in a 30% scale ( 3D scanned ) back in 2015 or so….  Before that robot i had seen nobody who was using 3D printers to make robots in our collectors paradise…

About a year later some others started to make 3D printed robots and RI Exotics was one of them that made high end 3D printed robots. They were sold through Robot Island.  This Robotel deluxe robot was produced in low numbers, 24 to be exactly.. this is number 7 of 24.
I found the info from Robot Island back.. here some additional info:

“Robotel” Robot.  Extremely Rare Robot which was originally produced around the late 1960’s-70’s.  Unsure of origin but probably Czech Republic or Turkey.  This is a new reproduction battery operated Robot made in USA of which there are only 12 ever produced.  Robot walks forward with stepping motion via pin walker action in his feet.  Arms move mechanically, and antenna spins.  Battery Cover is magnetic for easy access. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for assembly.

Where the website speaks from 12 ever produced, that must be 24 because the robot here says 7 – 24.

The condition of this robot is mint, unplayed with ( of course hahaha ) in working order with original mint box.
No flaws to mention on this one.

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