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Osaka Tin Toy Institute – Robby the Robot Prototype.

This robot is special in many ways so i even dont know where to start…I will give it a try in short.
This robot was created, drawn and produced in relative small numbers in grey and black by Osaka Tin Toy Institute and created by Mr. Shinji Miyazawa. He was responsible for drawing and creating this robby the robot.

When Mr Miyazawa died in 2014 he left a real treasure behind in the form of drawings, prototypes, samples and unfinished test robots.

This robby the robot is one of his Prototypes / Sample robots. The robot is build out of test parts and has a special mechanism inside. The internals are a windup mechanism but its not driven by a spring, its driven by an battery operated engine.  This means that this robot is battery operated, but walks and works like a windup with… YES.. real sparks behind his mouth section !!  absolute cool.

If you take a close look to this robot you will find test parts in all kind of shapes and forms, finished parts, partly finished and test parts, even handpainted parts.  An unique prototype of which not a second one exists, absolutely unique.   There is a special mechanism inside that is a rebuild clockwork mechanism made to run on battery power, handpainted pistons, special made movie in his head, golden handmade legs and a brass “footlike” remote control that houses 2 batteries and operated the robot with a single button.  (robotface remote 🙂 Further there are unfinished test parts for the hands, arms and even parts are are manually written in Japanese.

The robot works fine and strong and is absolute unique and one of a kind and is accompanied with a lot of original drawings as well. I will add copies of the drawings because there is also a totally made brass variation that have most of the same drawings.

Its unsure when this prototype was made exactly but it must be around 1998 – 2000. Unique Example of Mr. Miyazawa`s Craftmanship accompanied by a lot of drawings of this project.

Here is a video of the robot in action:  CLICK HERE

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