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Nomura – X-Ray Gun

Can you imagine this TOY lying in the toyshop these days between xbox 360 and Buzz Lightyear..  I imagine I walk in that shop with my 8 year old son.. I am SURE he would choose this gun… wow what an impressive space toy this is….

It was made in the late fifties in Japan by Nomura. The idea was taken from the real guns in WWII and transformed to a real space gun with ” X-Rays ”

In shooting action this gun makes real ratatata sound and it has special lighting under the red dome so that it looks like real bullets are fired. The top of the gun goes in and out, just like the real thing. The RED button on the handlebar makes it complete, WOW And then there is the box that makes this toy really famous… The artwork is not of this planet, what a beauty !

Even better, this gun has NEVER been played with before and is old store stock. there is some storage wear on the gun, but more from lying in the original box and from displaying. The reason for this gun not to be played with ever is simple.. the battery box is placed upside down so when you insert the batteries as displayed in the box, than the gun will get stuck and does not work.  you have to insert the batteries the other way around so plus is minus and vice versa. he works like a charm than 🙂

Both the gun and the original box are in near mint to mint original condition, no need to ever upgrade this one. The tripod for the gun is present. A space toy from another planet, what a beauty ! Extremely hard to find in this condition but the gun was already hard to find in ANY condition !

Rare and very scarce space toy !

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