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Nomura – Tetsujin No.1

|This 7 inch in height robot was made in the sixties in Japan by Nomura. His name is: Super Hero Tetsujijn 28  No. 1 and is considered the most rare and scarce tetsujin ever made. Somewhere on my website you can also find No.3 which is slightly bigger by the way. The robot is powered by a clockwork mechanism and the action is walking forward, quite cool 🙂

The condition is very good. This little fellow is in good played with condition but is all original and complete and perfectly working. He walks a bit wobble but I guess these did that already when they came out of the factory 🙂 He shows normal play wear, some scratches. No rust no broken or missing parts and he has his original nose and hands. I found this Nomura Tetsujin NO.1 in Italy by the way. You just never see these in the open market. Last one I saw sold for a high amount of money. Probably not much left of these and it was reproduced in the nineties.

THIS one however is all original TN Nomura, made in Japan in the sixties. Extremely scarce robot in any condition.

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