Project omschrijving

Nomura – Radar Robot.

I never realized that there were 2 color variations of this robot.. this one.. and a darker variation. I found this robot in Italy.. well a friend of mine found it but.. the robot was missing one hand. I searched through my parts bin and found exactly the part the robot was missing 😉 installing was a 1 minute job as the tabs could be closed from underneath 🙂

Further.. the robot is a beauty ! all original and complete with all the functions in working order and with complete box. The robot is in absolute excellent ++ condition, all original and complete and the robot works fine with all the lights and actions. Comes with a fantastic excellent box that has one repaired tear in one of the short side panels.

Now keep in mind the robot is not showing up too often… and to find a good nice working one is even more difficult. finding one with such a nice box is nearly impossible..

Made in Japan by Nomura in the late fifties.. but.. i guess you already knew that ! 🙂

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