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Nomura – Piston Action Robot aka Pug Robby.

This robot was found in Belgium where it was part of a high end collection.  Kept on shelves for years and surprisingly it came with its original box, something I did not expect.

Pug Robby, the robots altername, was given for an unknown reason. The official name is Piston Action Robot with Remote Control 🙂 Made in Japan in the late fifties by TN ( Nomura )  This relative small Pug was made in several color variations. lightblue en Gold with both horizontal antennas, are supposed to be the rarest and most scarce ones.  This grey variation is also one that you dont see around that much.
The robot is tin made and battery operated. Powered by a remote control that takes 2 C-Cell Batteries. In action the robot walks forward with lighted and pumping pistons.

The condition is really amazing. Near mint robot, all original and complete. Perfect dome, perfect remote and its in working condition as well.  Even better is that the robot is accompanied by its original box. The box has some amazing artwork by the way. The condition of the box rough but still can be graded as very good. original box but it has several old tears and repairs. Still, this robot seldom shows up with its original box and although the box is not perfect, it makes a perfect combination that is hard to find.

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