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Nomura AHI – Super Sonic Space Tank.

Super Sonic Space Tank was made by Nomura for AHI in the early sixties.  I was surprised when i found this space tank because i really thought I had seen them all by now… again I was mistaking :)! This rare tank never crossed my path before..

I bought the tank in an auction some years ago and when I received the toy, there was old address information from the previous owner so I took the time to contact him and ask him about this toy because its a scarce one , just wondering where he got it. Turned out the guy was named Jeff, about my age ( so not THAT old hehehehe ) He collected tanks for a while and kept the best ones to sell in auction and this one was one of the last to sell.. He also told me he searched for about 15 years to find a complete boxed one !  WOW

The tank is friction powered by the way with loud ratata sound, and rotating turret with sparks.  The cool thing is that this tank has several different blue colors that all match very well. The tank is in near mint condition, all original and complete, NO flaws to mention on this one.
Accompanied by its original excellent box with some awesome artwork present !

If you want some REALLY rare and scarce space tank than this is the one to add to your collection !

Extremely hard to find in this pristine boxed condition !

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