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MorToys Hongkong – Robbie Robot

There are several stages on which you can find these robots, here they are with the percentage of luck you can have in finding them:

* not working, damaged without the box 90 %
* not working without the box 5 %
* working without the box 3 %
* working with original box + battery cover. 2 %

These robots have been glued and melted together and you will never been able to open this robot without any damage….so when there is a problem and let me assure you, there were a LOT with these cheap plastic robots, then they could not been repaired, at least not without destroying the complete robot.

I found these 2 Robbies with ONE original box in a small collection overhere in Holland. Stored away for more than 20 years. I tested both the robots with fresh batteries and it took really some time before the came alive but… the both DID 🙂

The condition of these 2 robbies is near mint, working, complete and never been messed with before. ONLY flaw to mention is that they both seem to miss the original sticker at the front. For the rest, both are flawless, work fine and strong.
These are both the variations. one has paper eyes and mouth, the other one has lighted eyes and have clicking sound.

THe box is near mint, perfect box.  Hard to find robots in working condition.


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