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Modern Toys – Space Patrol

I found this tinmade spaceship in an auction some years ago. As i had never seen it before i really wanted to see it in real so I bought it. what a fantastic piece this is !
Made out of lithographed tin with a special friction engine, let me explain:   To power up this space patrol you have to push the back of the spaceship down and this loads the friction engine. Releasing the toy will make it go forward than.  Never seen this mechanism before…

Now about the toy, it is  made out of lithographed tin and has a tinmade driver in control also there are pumping pistons, very cool action here.
Very nice litho all over the toy. The condition is excellent to near mint. The toy is complete and all original and works fine. no flaws to mention.
There is some minor play wear throughout the toy but overall condition is really excellent. it works fine and strong.

Very hard to find toy, in fact i have seen it only once over the years. Rare and Scarce, fantastic space toy !!

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