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Modern Toys – Space Lab M-50 1973

As one of the later build saucers by Masudaya ( Modern Toys ) This is a very rare and uncommon flying saucer. Build out of tin and plastic this is the ONLY flying saucer that I am aware of that is radio controlled. It was build in the mid 1970`s and also build for the Japanese market. It is controlled by a single channel remote. It comes with RC controlled action ( sort of bump & go ) but not mystery anymore, flashing lights and space noise.

Modern Toys Space Lab M-50 is in mint condition and spent most of its life in the original box. The toy looks like it was never been played with before. The dome is a reproduction. Complete with remote and original box.

Very Rare and scarce because the saucer is all complete and in perfect working condition. The production run was very low for this toy and it was only made for the Japanese Market. At a sudden point an UK importer got some overseas as you can see about the sticker that was added over the Japanese text. This is resulting in a scarce and rare saucer today. Hard to ever upgrade IF You can find one :).

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