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Modern Toys – Space Guard MS-61

I had this tank as a child…. oh not exactly this one of course ( wish I did 🙂  but a similar one based on the same platform as this space guard. I believe it was called M-40 tank, a pretty common military tank that you still see around. In fact my son plays with that tank now every day… can you imagine.. I had that tank as a child, played with it a LOT…. then it went on the attic for 25 years, and now my son plays with it… cool or what. 🙂

THIS tank however is a different story… not as common as the M-40   in fact this one is very very very rare and scarce… I found it in Italy recently on my travel through little shops hunting for old tin toys…
Never expected to see this one ever. This Tank was made in the late sixties by Modern Toys in Japan. In action this tank is controlled by a remote that takes 3 D-cells. the little controlstick allows you to let the tank go forward, backwards, rotate the center and fire the rockets.
Same as the M-40 I had as a child, only that one fired a dart, this one fires real rockets 🙂

Then…. take a look at the litho, WOW… where the M-40 tank is boring and military, this one is awesome. The box art is cool and the combination is one you will never see again soon.

Condition of this MS-61 Space Guard is excellent and besides a very small piece of broken plastic at the bottom ( does not have any effect on the toys functions ) There is not much to mention. Bright and shiny colors and the Toy works Perfect and strong with all the actions, forward, backwards, turret rotation and fire rockets. There are 2 original rockets present.
The box is original but has some issues. Condition is excellent. a few old tape repairs, a corner with a tear and a small section missing from the box. The bottom is rough as well with several tears. overall a very nice box for this hard to find space toy. Rare and Scarce combination. !

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