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Modern Toys – M-50 Space Ship

Have you ever noticed that a flying saucer is always controlled by an astronaut and NEVER by a robot ! ? Me neither until Xris, my brussels friend pointed me on this detail ! So as far as we know this M-50 Space Ship is one of the few ( yes there is also the aosin saucer but thats a different story ! 😉 flying saucers that is controlled by a real robot instead of an astronaut.

Maybe not a first sight but can you ever remember you saw this saucer before ! ? Maybe yes but can you ever remember you saw this saucer WITH its original box ??? This in the late seventies build saucer is not very common and hard to find with original box. I only saw the saucer 2 times before but in bad condition and unboxed. The saucer is build out of lithoed tin and plastic and has spin turn action clicking space sound and light in the robots head.

The condition of this saucer is excellent to near mint and there is not much to mention. A very nice example of the saucer and the original box. Hard to find combination.

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