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Metal House – Attacking Martian Prototype Parts.

Well… when I placed this on facebook, i added the text: The Saga Continues….. The Last Martian.    The last part of the sentence can be very right…
You are looking at something very special… handmade prototype of Attacking Martian in a BIG BIG size !
Mr. Shinji Miyazawa was responsible for creating this, and some other robots in this size as well… He also made smoking robot and mechanized robby robot in the same size…remote controlled by the way.

Fact is that Mr Miyazawa made 3 different robots in limited edition, I believe 100 pieces of each but… I dont even think he made 10 of each and attacking Martian.. I think he never completed one because i have never seen one around. Its absolutely amazing and insane to see how these robots were built, all by hand, piece by piece…and they costed a small fortune..
When Shinji Miyazawa passed away a couple of years ago, a friend of him sold most of the inventory of his workshop and the remains of this robot were part of that inventory….
It gives a fantastic insight in the skills of Mr Miyazawa and the craftmanship.

This robot is only in parts, prototype. The mechanisms motors are connected and running and with some effort it can be made to walk forward and extent the gun section also.   the head is also handmade.

Absolute unique piece of Japanese craftsmanship. Only one known to exist !

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