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Mego HongKong – Lunar Spaceman 12″ Robot

Made under the MEGO license… this Lunar Spaceman is an absolute rarity…Take a close look to the robot and the box… simply everthing is different… the face, the frontpanels, the box… its a very cool and smashing variation.

Never saw this variation before in all my collecting years. Of course the robot is made in Hong Kong but under the license of Mego so at least it can be traced back.. a bit 🙂 And Yes, of COURSE this plastic Rotator is not working anymore.. I would have been surprised if it was because these plastic HongKong robots never work because of their bad quality. What remains is a rare and scarce robot / astronaut with a really beautiful box. Made in the late sixties.

The condition is excellent, complete and all original but the robot is not working anymore, I did not even test it or tried it to be honest.. it are the looks and the box that does it for me 🙂 ! The box is excellent and original with some wear and a small section missing at one of the side panels.

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