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Mego Hong Kong – Gigantor 17″ Robot.

I found this impressive robot years ago in Brazil where it was part of a huge collection. I had the robot in my collection before but only the robot and never the box. This time I found the robot and the box together.. even better, the robot was also in working order 🙂

Made in Hong Kong in the early seventies as a clear “knock off ” of the original horikawa Giant Robots. The robot is wel build out of durable plastic and runs on 3 D-Cell batteries that drive the robot forward AND backwards… more about that later .

according to the box the actions are as follows:
– Stop and Go
– Swing open door
– Blinking and shooting gun
– Realistic shooting noise
– Rotating body turns right 180 degrees
– Walks forwards and backwards

The condition of this robot is absolute excellent to near mint. Besides some wear to the chrome parts there are no other flaws to mention. The robot is complete, all original and works like a charm. Comes with original box in excellent condition . the box has a few minor repairs and some damage to the side panels, just from the original tape that was used to keep the box closed in the shop. All the original insert are present !.

Take a look at the stunning artwork on the box, very cool !

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