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Marusan – Robot Torpedo

This rare robot Torpedo is marked SAN which stand for Marusan. A small company in Japan. This scarce space toy is rare in many ways. Not only it can really be used in water ( not recommended these days 🙂 but it’s also equipped with a robot and a compass. Powered by a crank mechanism which drives the prop at the rear.

This robot torpedo was part of a robot and space toy collection I recently found in Rome ( Italy ). The toy is near mint and one minor ding at the back, just above the trademark, is keeping it from higher grading. The toy is absolute pristine, works fine and strong, complete and all original. The Torpedo is accompanied by the toplid of the original box as well. The box bottom is missing but… to be honest… who cares ! 🙂
the toplid is there AND…its excellent to near mint as well. A very scarce combination for sure.

Scarce toy with top lid of the original box ! No upgrade ever needed on this one !

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