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Marumiya – Flying Saucer Prototype.

If there is a toy in my collection that is covered with the most question marks than its for sure this flying saucer prototype. So lets start the other way around and start with the info i DO have on this one… here wel go:

This flying saucer is completely handmade and handpainted and made by Shinji Miyazawa. I must also have some of the blueprints for this saucer, I will look that up later in one of the blueprint boxes 🙂
Shinji Miyazawa was one of the sons of Mr Miyazawa, the founder of Marumiya. This company was active in Japan already in the early fifties and created many toys for horikawa, yonezawa, daiya, nomura and many other brands.  Shinji`s Father was also the creator of Smoking Robot… He and his father were responsible for many of the robots and space toys we collect these days.

When Shinji died in 2013, he left a real treasure of info, robots, parts, samples and prototypes behind… an unique source of robot and space toy history.  This flying saucer was part of his personal collection.

The saucer is unnamed and unmarked… not surprisingly for a handmade and handpainted flying saucer prototype. The technique used in this saucer is unique and never seen in any other flying saucer.

The base is made of plastic, the top is made of brass with plastic parts. All is handmade and handpainted. Also the mechanism is handmade. In action the saucer moves around with mystery bump and go action. Than the chrome doors slide open, a mystery space sound ( mechanic record player ) starts to produce flying saucer space sound and the saucer starts to fire its hidden guns with flashing lights. Than the doors close again and the saucer moves along.

An absolute unique design, unique mechanism and actions on this handmade prototype flying saucer.  Also unique because not much prototypes of flying saucers are known to exist.. even rarer is the fact that this saucer or the technique was taken into production..

The condition is excellent and the prototype is in full working condition. An absolute unique and stunning piece of space toy history !

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