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Korea – Robot

To describe a robot is not always so easy to do. when i accidently ran into this robot a couple of weeks ago, I was really surprised. It was, of course Martijn again who spotted this treasure and this time i had to do my utter best to get this robot to the Netherlands.

Not only the seller did not speak a word english… he was also far far away but his intention was SUPER and after buying this robot, he contacted me in his best english and told me he had an other one.
weeks later i talked to him again and he found again one, how cool.. not one but three South Korean Robots.
now back to the description.. only info i have on this one that its a robot and it was made in south korea, probably in the late seventies as a knock off of the famous Horikawa robots of course 🙂

This one is the same but different. not only the robot has a totally different body, it has lighted eyes, made of special silver plastic, a talking mechanism inside and… because the talking mechanism took most of the room inside, this robot has the battery compartments in its legs ! 🙂  it takes 2 C-Cells to operate.

In action the robot walks forward with blinking eyes, lights in its chest and it’s supposed to talk or make sound but that is not working so i can not tell anything about the sound it makes.

Made out of plastic, real South Korean Plastic because i really NEVER saw a robot that was build up like this ! …. There is no box, so I dont even know the robots name. I will try to find out but for the moment… its ….. ROBOT….. build in South Korea.

Unique example and i never saw it before. I asked some around but so far… nopes, nobody has ever seen this robot before so.. well done Martijn… again you found some ” real rare sjiet ”

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