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EGE – Juguete – Super Onvi Jyesa

Of COURSE we all see here Yoshiya’s SSS Space ship… its even clearly in the artwork of the box !!! and allthough the box states …”MODELO PATENTADO” its clear that the idea and design is directly stolen from the Japanese KO version.

Now the SSS version is fantastic and very hard to improve of course but.. the Spanish did a nice job and made their own version with an extra “DRS” WING ( Yes, Drag Reduce System ( formula 1 ! 🙂

The toy is made out of plastic and is decorated with stickers. also battery operated with mystery bump and go action and lights, just like the “original SSS ” version.

And then there is the condition.. its with double feelings because when you take a look at the box.. its not in the best condition.. well the box isnt.. it suffered from water damage, probably in the toyshop already because the toy itself is in unplayed with condition and is close to mint. Its complete, all original and has never been played with… in fantastic condition….
Its a pity that the box sufffered so much but most of the toplid front survived and thats the most important part. All the inserts are present !

Scarce and Rare Spacetoy.. made in SPAIN !

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