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Horikawa – Star Strider Black version

Star Stider Robot was one of the last robots made by Horikawa but in fact the company was already called Metal House than. Later star striders were reproduced in mass in china by the way.
The first ( read: the good ones ) were made by horikawa metal house in the late eighties in several colors… red, blue green and… at the very first beginning.. in BLACK.

Now I am pretty sure you have NEVER seen an original star strider in black and I was as much as surprised when i found one. Its estimated that only a very few were made in black… Try and look for a black version, you will not find it on the web !

This makes this black stider a one of a kind robot, i have never seen an other one in all the years of collecting.  Ultra rare and scarce in black.

The robot is unplayed with old stock and is mint in its original box with inserts, No flaws to mention. All original and complete and probably one of the handful known to exist in Black !

If you want to add a very special version of Star Strider Robot than this one in BLACK is for sure the one to add to your collection…

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