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Horikawa – Space Patrol

This astronaut version with a fantastic artwork box was made in the mid sixties in Japan by SH Horikawa. Now, we all know the robot variations, the colors and the orange boxes but this box variation is a welcome variation to go with this astronaut / robot 🙂

If you ever wondered why there are robots and astronauts… well simple, it was a pure selling technique to allow the kids to play with the robots and the astronauts and have the robots battle the astronauts and vice versa.

The robot ( read astronaut ) is made out of tin and battery operated. in action it walks forward with opening doors, shooting and lighted guns. A much used robot platform that has to be proven one of the best from the golden age.

The robots condition is excellent to near mint and besides some wear there are no flaws to mention on this one. works fine with all the actions and comes with original box in very good condition with some old tape repairs as shown in the pictures.   This box variation is not showing up that often in the market. pretty hard to find

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