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Estrela – Robo

Well, for all that have taken a good look at the pictures…. Yes there is an Antenna on top of the robots head … AND…Its Original !! 🙂

This is probably one of the few Robo’s From Estrela that comes with an antenna. Of course the robot is a direct copy of Horikawa`s Roto Robot and yes, you might have seen the Estrela versions also before but this is an absolute rarity !

Estimated is that only 3 of these robots in this configuration are known to exist.  Extreme rare and scarce robot that you will never see afterwards.. remember my words 🙂 The robot was made in Brazil by Estrela ( Estrela means “STAR” by the way in portuguese ) probably in the mid sixties. As a knock of of the popular roto robot from Horikawa. Three variations of this estrela robo are known to exist… the regular one ( without the antenna , the robo TV version ( in light blue ) and THIS Robo with antenna 😉

The condition of the robot is very good to excellent. Most of the silver from the head has faded away. a small plastic piece of the head where it clicks into the body has been replaced and the robot is currently not working. I did not want to take this rarity apart, not wanting to do damage to this fragile robot.  I know how it should walk and shoot, I believe it and its ok.. for me he does not have to work.:-)

The body litho is excellent with some spots of wear but overall very nice litho. The antenna and cable are original and there is not futher damage to the plastic parts.  The box is a reproduction by the way.

But… still with the flaws mentioned here above… WOW… one of the few that are known to exist… Absolute stunning, rare and scarce robot !!

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